Thursday, December 27, 2012

Who's "We" Dr. Ashish Jha

I'm always unsettled when experts use We as Dr Jha does below, when he's quoted saying the Government's not going quite far enough with its new value-based purchasing program.

The CMS on Thursday released a list of hospitals' bonuses and penalties under the value-based purchasing program. Health policy experts have applauded such incentives, but some have questioned whether the money at stake will be enough to motivate hospital officials and doctors to adopt changes that will reduce waste and improve quality. "The purpose here is really straightforward and very reasonable," said Dr. Ashish Jha, an associate professor of Health Policy and Management at Harvard University. "Forever we have paid for a quantity of healthcare. We have not really paid for quality, and CMS has decided they want to change that." 
Explaining just who We are no easy task I suspect.  Whether the CMS that's decided they want to change that the We cited just before, a nice start Dr. Jha.  Who's the We you're talking about Doc and how do you read its mind?  Does We know CMS working its will on We's behalf?

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