Thursday, December 27, 2012

HL7 versus CEN/ISO 13606

A question at Research Gate I can't answer at the moment for lack of approved membership there, Standards in medical informatics:
HL7 or CEN/ISO 13606 - can anyone explain it? What should be preferred in standardization of EHR ?  
The answer found here with a nice schematic.

The conclusion:
HL7v2.x messaging is an appropriate standard, at least for the short to medium term, for transmission of information from source clinical information systems to a Shared-EHR system. HL7 CDA may also be suitable for this purpose at some later stage. CEN EN13606 is an appropriate standard for the exchange of Shared EHR Extracts between different nodes of a multinode Shared-EHR system (e.g. the original national HealthConnect concept) or between different Shared-EHR systems
 'Nuff said.  Check the link for the diagram and full read of the standards.

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