Monday, October 22, 2012

OHSU to put $1M to work on 'smarter' EHR | Healthcare IT News

File this under solutions create the next set of problems: data dazzle via EHRs.

For example, Hersh explained that while it is difficult to cause direct harm with a stethoscope, improper use of a stethoscope could lead to inaccurate results, tests or treatments. Similarly, improper use of EHRs could lead a clinician astray, especially in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where an average of 1,300 data points per patient are logged every 24 hours.

The grant, championed by Jeffrey Gold, MD, will put OHSU at the forefront of this work. Through his past role as ICU director and current role as professor of medicine and program director for Pulmonary Critical Care and Critical Care Fellowships, Gold became interested in this work when he noticed that EHRs weren’t consistently providing clinicians with a clear picture of a patient’s health over time.

“In the past, all patient data was hand written, making it easier to remember and learn,” said Gold. “Electronic records are no doubt a useful tool in many ways, but now there are so much data in front of you that often you can’t see the forest for the trees.”

OHSU to put $1M to work on 'smarter' EHR | Healthcare IT News

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