Thursday, December 22, 2011

SAS’s Ann Brown on Blogs

From the SAS newsletter… guess I need to start paying more attention to this blog of mine.  It’s the future.

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that over the past few issues, I've been including more links to blog posts in the SAS Business Report. Blogs are becoming a major news source for readers like you – in fact, our data shows us that the SAS blogs and the Knowledge Exchange are two of the most rapidly growing sources of news for visitors. This reflects the changes that we’re seeing in the broader landscape of business communication: the shift from static to dynamic, interactive communication. Personally, I'm excited about this shift because it means more interaction with our readers – in our blogs, you have a voice.

I tell you all this because as we continue to make this shift, we will phase out the SAS Business Report over the next two months. With this change I’m looking forward to continuing to sharpen my social media skills on the Business Analytics Knowledge Exchange. I hope to hear from you there.

You can keep up with the blogs via RSS feeds, and you will find the same content in this newsletter – white papers, events, Knowledge Exchange articles, media coverage, SAS training opportunities, publishing updates and more.

I've enjoyed keeping you updated with the SAS Business Report. I hope I've helped you make connections between analytics and everyday life – to better appreciate how the field is changing the way to do business. Please feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts, and I look forward to keeping in touch.

Anna Brown
Editor, SAS Business Report

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