Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tony Blankley: Daschle-Obama Health Care Possibilities

TB's column on Daschle's book.
What followed is my favorite line in the book: "When the test revealed a narrowing of the artery, however slight, cardiologists couldn't resist doing something about it." Imagine a doctor trying to cure his patient.

Cardiologists may have thought they were carrying out their responsibilities. But under the Daschle(/Obama?) plan, political hacks appointed to the Health board will decide whether your cardiologist is allowed to image your arteries and, if they find blockage, try to treat it successfully.

But that is not all he doesn't like about private-sector health care. On Page 174, he points out the dangers of letting drug companies advertise their products to the public: The public may want the drugs even if some Washington bureaucrat likes another drug instead.

He believes that Americans are not entitled to just any care that might do some good. Yep, Page 122: "Many patients with insurance want any care that might do some good, and plenty of doctors will oblige them."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Max Baucus: Call to Action Health Reform 2009

Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus’s Call to Action Health Reform 2009 Baucus's Call asserts this on page 16,
Large employers — especially firms paying high wages — have the greatest capability to provide coverage to their employees. The vast majority of American employers in this category would probably continue to provide coverage as a competitive benefit to recruit employees. If these employers choose not to provide coverage, under the Baucus plan they would have to contribute to a fund that would help to cover those who remained uninsured.
I'm not optimistic large employers will find competitive benefits offering coverage. Just like post-invasion Iraq, the Senators may want to contemplate some other scenarios should the probables in this call not pan out.